Rhode and Brittany Hill

Bonneau Ansley is without a doubt the finest real estate advisor/ representative in this city and anyone who chooses to work with him is going to be richly rewarded with a hands-on, detail oriented professional. The day after I called Bonneau about a year ago, he met Brittany and me with a notebook full of the 20 or 30 homes around the area we had already been researching, indicating his great instinct for a buyer’s desires. I think we saw 10 homes that first day. His work ethic and energy are boundless. Over the next week, we saw another 10 to 15 homes, putting an offer on one, which was roundly rejected. Bonneau’s negotiating skills kicked into high gear, as he met with the seller’s rep and explained our situation and our love of the house. A deal was quickly reached, and less than 60 days after my initial conversation with Bonneau, we were in our new home. He combines expert level professionalism and knowledge of the market, with several generations of native Atlantan familiarity with this area, not to mention a friendly disposition and enthusiastic demeanor that rivals that of anyone. If you want expertise, professionalism, and a great builder of personal relationships, all in one efficient package, Bonneau is your man!