Vann and Kathy Cleveland

We are exceptionally pleased with Ansley Atlanta’s performance for finding us a home while moving our existing home for top dollar..quickly. When Kathy and I were looking around for a smaller reno/teardown in Buckhead, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Bonneau, through his network, found us and quickly jumped on the case. He’s got to be the most connected guy in Buckhead……..he knows everybody! Within several weeks, he found the house for us. The house wasn’t even on the market but Bonneau knew the current owners and found them a smaller home to live in to make it feasible for our purchase. Bonneau knew our budget and the deal came together. Perfect! Now on to moving our house. Bonneau’s team analyzed and assessed our home and neighborhood and got top dollar for my house without a “for sale” sign in the yard. His team and network quickly found the qualified buyer and done deal! This was as amazing a process as I’ve ever been a part of. Bonneau makes it fun. He wants all parties to feel good about the transaction. His team gets all over it…….especially Hil and Leslie. These guys hustle and work for YOU. I’m totally satisfied and highly recommend Bonneau and his team.