I’m excited to welcome you to my newest venture, a blog!

I have been in the real estate industry for over twenty years, ever since I graduated from college. My father, a real estate developer in Atlanta, inspired me to follow this path and has been a mentor to me ever since. Real estate is the only job I’ve ever had. I was lucky to find a well-suited job for me at a very young age and want to share some of this journey with you. I’ve certainly had my share of good and bad days, but overall, I am still in love with what I do.

In December 2015, I launched my own firm, Ansley Atlanta Real Estate, to offer my clients, other local agents and the city of Atlanta a locally-owned, more personal, relationship-focused real estate experience, supported by leading-edge technology, meaningful culture and inspirational leadership. These might sound like obvious goals for a new business, but they are revolutionary in a world where so many industries can often feel like they remain at a standstill.

Ansley Atlanta just celebrated our fifth anniversary. In that short time, the company has gone from zero sales to over $2 billion in company sales volume. We have over 275 agents and growing by the week, seven offices and are expanding rapidly. This enormous growth is evidence of our determination, grit and endless desire to be the best in the industry. Though I lead the company as CEO, I have never stopped working as an agent among agents. I want to stay in the trenches with my people and continually experience the business from the inside out. It’s what gets me up in the morning. I feel I am a better leader since I know what each agent is actually going through, and I have built the business from an agent’s perspective.

Under the brand I’ve created, I’ve gone from being a $75 million producer to having personal sales in 2020 of over $267 million. This has led my team to be number one in Georgia for the fifth straight year, as recognized by The Wall Street Journal. Our success took extraordinary planning and a carefully executed strategy, and I couldn’t be more proud. And I’ve had a ball doing it.

My journey started with one very important decision: quitting a comfortable job with a traditional real estate agency and going out on my own to see if I could do it my own way, if only to prove to myself that I could. I had a plan and a goal, and I dove in. This enterprise was not without great risk, but I knew my current job was stifling my growth and that I had to reinvent the business model for myself in order to move forward as a person, an agent and a team leader. If others wanted to join me, all the better.

The biggest strength I had when starting my own company was my ignorance. I had a vision and a goal, but I had no idea about the many things that would inevitably go wrong when birthing an enterprise out of a dream. I am blessed with a remarkably positive disposition, so in the early days, I plowed ahead without the thought of failure or fear of missteps.

From humble beginnings, our competitors made it clear to us that we would never give them a run for their money. They said it would take years for us to take a meaningful bite out of their market share. But I knew better. I truly believed I could scale so quickly they wouldn’t know what hit them. And so my leadership team and I put a plan in place, thoughtful and strategic in nature, to literally double up our business year over year. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was starting a journey towards super-charged growth. I was inspired, motivated and relentless in my pursuit of expansion, and it worked. We didn’t just take a bite out of the market, we are now setting many of the trends within it.

As Ansley celebrated our fifth anniversary, I couldn’t help but look back at our history and begin to see the trends and steps we focused on to get us to this point. Strangely enough, it seemed to follow a recipe of sorts, something you could identify and share with others. I was lucky enough to have the mindset for growth, but that is also something anyone can adjust and improve as they go along.

No matter the industry or sector where you are growing a business, I will encourage you to create your own vision and do things your own way, with your own set of core values. You can create tremendous results, and I’d love to help you along the way.

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