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You could never convince Bonneau Ansley’s elementary school teachers that he was going to be wildly successful in both his life and career. Not only did he have learning differences such as dyslexia, he had additional challenges which stemmed from a propensity for pushing limits and getting into all sorts of mischief. He also has a fantastic sense of humor which attracted him to all sorts of people, old and young. When a human is not molded like everybody else, they can also have a harder time fitting into the quotidian constraints of this world and its limits and boundaries. At the same time, some perceived “handicaps” made Bonneau very relatable, compassionate and empathic. He has never met a stranger and seems to have the gift of making anyone feel comfortable, no matter what a person’s walk of life, nationality, race or gender. In Bonneau’s case, as a true noncomformist, he has been able to push past traditional societal limits and embrace what makes him different. This eventually became his superpower.

According to Bonneau, there is never a moment that a person’s life work is done. “Ok” is never ok. Bonneau has always had a mindset of what’s next and what else can be discovered or created. Why not? Let’s innovate and make the world a better place. More creative. Innovative. Enthusiastic. Ready for the next thing.

In life, there is always the inescapable element of competitiveness. When you approach life through Bonneau’s unique lens, this becomes more about making the most of everything and not sweating the small stuff. Small stuff drags down big thinking and ideas. Small stuff dings your energy and pulls you away from what is really important and will keep you moving forward. Small stuff can be a buzz kill. But small stuff can also be the necessary details that make a deal soar or crash.


That’s where another superpower comes into play: identifying those who do it better. Bonneau has an innate ability to identify talented, honest, hardworking people who can help him make the magic happen. With a wide variety of interests spanning deep water fishing, anything athletic, UGA football, to investing in new start-ups, investigating new markets, writing a book, or speaking to a business group, Bonneau has an open mind and a curiosity that fuels everything he does. He has an insatiable appetite for the new and the next, the “What else?”. This is the way he’s wired and is the secret to Bonneau.




Bold leadership and risk taking are hallmarks of Bonneau’s style.

You will not find him sitting on the sidelines. He’s all in. When he started Ansley Real Estate, it was just his team of 10 and now it’s a company with over $6 Billion in sales over the last 2 years, over $920 Million in personal sales between 2021 and 2022, and over 400 agents growing their careers with the brokerage. Multiple awards from the Wall Street Journal Real Trends, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and more give credibility to the little startup that took Atlanta by storm and did it independently, shaking up the old guard and bringing new life to an old industry model.



Bonneau is sought after to speak on his unconventional road to success with multiple roadblocks to overcome, staying in a competitive mindset, keeping your eye on the prize, and sales skills. It’s an incredible story that continues to unfold.



Independence takes confidence.

It means self-reliance, separation from the pack, and courage to act. Think about the last time you went out on your own in any capacity—you wonder for about a minute what other will think, calculate your chances for success, then ultimately bank on yourself. Bonneau was told he is a Hyperthymia—eternally optimistic. That’s a hell of a trait when mixed with An entrepreneurial spirit. The greatest companies and movements were born from independent leaders going all-in to realize their dream and bringing along others who believed just as strongly.

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As a business owner who is in the market every single day, Bonneau understands the current conditions and the context surrounding the data. This skill is beneficial not only to both home buyers and sellers but to developers looking to position a new project in the marketplace.

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